Alright. Seems like busting dust balls is what I’ve been doing in quarter four.  And yes, procrastination has gotten the best of me.  I’m actually pinned down by two Herculean projects which needs to be finished by January and February 2009. Yikes!  Sure a part of me slacks but this huge Amazon at my back pushes me to tackle them head on.  However,  Ms. Migraine has been constantly drilling  on my cranium up there and so in times like these… I need my ultimate stress – reliever! I know that somewhere in my passive-aggressive self  lies a scary scary monster waiting to rip bones apart and grind it into saw dusts.  IT’S TEKKEN TIME!!!!

Me at age 5 practicing my Kung Fu

Me at age 5 practicing my Kung Fu

Not very recently, my cousins (Charles & Christian) came home from the United Steps  and we decided to go waste their savings away in Timezone. We went for old school arcade games.   My favorite is TEKKEN. The Timezone in Greenhills has the brand new Tekken (6) already!! Knowing that I was in the presence of two gaming fiends, (Rose Online, Ragnarok, Warcraft and all those weird titles I don’t even know but name it they probably played it), I had my game face on.

Much to my dismay (naks!), I won. Not once. Not twice but over and over again. Tsk tsk tsk. I dunno if they’re letting me WIN or anything.  Needless to say, it was not later confirmed that they suck big time. muhahahaha.

I was about to scream in glee and brag my way out when this boy around 7 or 8 of age came with his  Batman powercard. He laid it down and challenged the winner of the next round.

Me and my cousin Charles looked at each other and sneered.  Feeling the pressure creeping in but trying subtly to dismiss it, Charles said to me ” BRING IT!!!”

Cocky, I replied ” Amateur!”. And so the bloody battle continued. The boy stood at our backs waiting for his turn tapping his foot lightly. I don’t know if it’s the feeling of being watched that made me lose my edge or the boy jinx my winning streak.

My cousin Charles praised the heavens for one second and but then he looked back. The boy with the batman powercard grinned in delight. It was his turn.

Charles gulped.  And I mouthed the words YOU-ARE-DEAD-MEAT, as the gruesome fight commenced.

Poor Charles. I still can’t imagine he got beaten. And that look on his face after his defeat. Classic! LOLOLOLOL.

I’ve been begging him to post the pictures but his bruised ego seems to digress. However, I will  try my best to steal them. Muhuhahahaha.

So yeah, our asses were owned by the younger generation. Damn kid had no mercy.

Second round starts on the 29th. BRRRRING ET!


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