Beginnings are exciting. Endings are tricky.

March 22, I received an e-mail that’s free blogging service will be discontinued. It has been my blogging space for the past (gasp) 5 years. Had a bit of separation-anxiety since I had a lot of fond memories while maintaining my loyalty (ahem, ahem) to their site. If I could migrate all my posts here just to immortalize all those experiences I would. I still have been posting here in my other blogs. But has been somewhat my little comfort zone and so when I read that e-mail a part of me wanted to save my domain but staying true to the fact that I am always been trying to let ends meet and sometimes even living below poverty line, I snapped out of my stupor.

I’ve been meaning to get back at writing updates about stuff  but having quite a hard time to think of topics to write about. Ugh. Always overthinking. The lack of motivation may be due to the fact that hey, i haven’t been myself for the last couple of months.

But more to that in the coming posts as I try to resurrect and piece this blog all together.

So here goes nothing. Hitting the publish button. NOW.


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