To Explore

Two weeks ago, my cousins and I visited the Mind Museum in the Fort Global City, Taguig. We booked the 3pm 3-hour tour but made it  inside by around 4pm, because some people were late  (ahem, ahem). I recommend this for people who are fond of interactive learning. No matter how old or young we are, we should all be interested with discovering new ways of learning. Now, the last museum I have visited was the Myth of the Human Body, which was in Fort Bonifacio. Unlike that, this is offers more variety and most importantly you are allowed to take photos.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a Robot who will provide you a brief  introduction of  the museum and how to go about the exhibits. The Mind Museum is primarily divided into two major sections. The first is about “What we are”,  areas from the different natural sciences can be found on the first floor, so there’s anatomy, biology, geography, botany, genetics, physics, etc.  The upper floor concentrates more on “What we do” showcasing   applied sciences particularly TECHNOLOGY.

The second floor also has it own Museum Cafe in case you get really hungry from all the exploration. I mean come’on it’s three hours.

What’s fun about self-exploration part is that you’re actually allowed to touch most of the exhibits as it’s the way for you to experience the science behind it. As they say, experience is the best teacher.  I was mostly thrilled when I got to try the STATIC ELECTRICITY. Me and my cousin got into this contraption where there’s a metal ball and all we need to do is hold on to it for a few seconds and viola!  It was a hair-raising experience, I tell you. Literally.

This is highly recommended for kids. Nowadays, with all the technology all around us, everything is online and Google-able (yeah, they should make it a verb now). I still think that seeing is believing and knowing that it’s within our reach makes it easier for us to know how things work. Plus, it would be a good way to bond with your family.

Some Tips:

Book your tickets ahead of time ( or you could go ahead and try your luck by walking-in). It just saves you the hassle of waiting in line for peak hours.

Do not forget to bring a digital camera or since we’re all so techy a smart phone would do (who doesn’t own one, except for me?)

Inside the planetarium, there are digital shorts and shows, if you want to enjoy a 3D film about how the universe came about and get to sit down and relax, the show runs every 15 minutes. It gives you a break from all the picture-taking and whatnot.

For those who are not so fond of space simulations, do not sit too close the speakers, lest you want to experience the feeling like your eardrums are being pulled out of your ears.

For those chocoholics, you will see a life-size one. Fair warning: DO NOT BITE  IT. It’s not edible. Tried and tested. See picture below:

For those who would like to get a feel of walking outside space, you’ll get a chance to but believe me it’s quite nauseating.  We failed to take a photo the very reason that you’d feel like it’s more important to cross the bridge than to document the process. It’s a great illusion, the thing is the bridge isn’t moving at all  but the backdrop is so it tricks your mind into thinking otherwise.

So that’s about it. Experience it for yourself.  Best to check their website for more information


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