Of Vinyl Records & Torrential Rains

I grew up in a town where summer can easily be over as soon as you walk out of the door to sun bathe. Seriously. We’ve always been visited by tropical depressions and monsoon rains as early as May. And that can go on until the “ber” months. So really, going and coming home to school with wet socks or worse drenched in rain was a walk in the park. One of my means to cope up with gloomy weather is to listen to  “My Favourite Things”.

There was one typhoon in particular (Rosing) if I remember it correctly, where it took us almost 1 month or two to recover. A few days non-stop raining, just being stuck inside the house and watched as my Dad’s old vinyl records shrink and wrinkle away in the muddy water was probably the most depressing thing an eight-year-old can watch.   When I moved here in Manila, I experienced the wrath of Milenyo as I was on my way to work and saw that the gigantic billboards at EDSA were like stickers being peeled off walls. That was how bad it was and I was inside a cab just watching all nature’s fury unfold.

Then Ondoy, Sendong and Habagat followed and while I was blessed that I survived all without losing anything (thank the heavens!), I feel for the rest of the Filipinos who have lost not just material possessions but lives of their loved ones as well. Time and time again we experience this and we are reminded of the things that we could have done to prevent such loss. Emergency preparedness amongst others and also the obvious root problem is proper garbage disposal. If there’s one cause that we should all be united in it’s our responsibility to be more aware on how we could mitigate our poor waste management system. While I was stuck inside the house during the times Habagat was as its strongest, I can’t help but feel miserable knowing I was just sitting there and watching it unfold. I became more aware that this problem will not just go away and we must at least in our own little way contribute to preventing this kind of disaster from happening again. Sure we’re capable of going through relief operations and asking people for donations but really we need to address the real problem here. Be an advocate. Recycle.





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