It’s Happier on the Other Side

I came across the website HAPPIER.COM from my twitter feed one day while checking trending topics and articles regarding positive psychology.

Being in the digital world, we often find ourselves connecting through social media various different platforms such as facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, pinterest to name a few.  What sets them apart may be features that suits our needs and how we could leverage them outside our professional lives.

What we post in those networking sites speaks of who we are, what we do, what we ate, who are with. Basically, it gives the person a snapshot of YOU in general.

Often times, it can be used to as an avenue to build your own personal brand or in other cases it can be a space in cyberspace for to you vent out your day’s frustrations and other common life stressors.

HAPPIER promotes an online environment to share positive moments in our lives.  It has designed an app available to Apple products and soon to Android devices as well.

While in still in beta, users   could now be part of the HAPPIER community. I’ve joined recently to document some of the moments I consider to be endorphin-inducing moments that are worth sharing.

Personally, I’m no half-glass full person and some may view me as a rather overtly serious or pessimistic individual. I could not blame them. I attribute some of my life’s failure caused by commuting in a very crowded modes of transportation called (MRT), working in a very fast-paced yet challenging environments plus living in one of the most populated part of the country.  So yes, one is entitled to have happy fits of rage once and a while.

HAPPIER allows us users to take time and smell the flowers and appreciate the simple joys in life. While we are all caught up in life, working non-stop, Happier offers us to take some time and slow down to capture life’s passing moments. These moments that some of us take for granted like — just  simply getting a Thank you-note from your officemate or bumping into a person in your pantry and having a good old-fashioned small talk.

 And while I am the least tech-savvy person in the block I could say that its interface is user-friendly. You can post pictures or just your simple thoughts for the day. And when you find posts that made you have just click on the smile icon and it acknowledges the person that they made you…. SMILE.

ImageSo for now, I’d have to say this: No, I don’t get paid to write this (Maybe, I should) nor I am encouraging you to switch and abandon your current networking sites. I’m simply encouraging you to try new things that may be worth your 15-minute break. Introducing positive things in our lives change our perspective on how we live each day. Let’s not get too caught up with our busy lives because often the most important things are left unrecognized and thus lose its meaning — a meaning that could lead to our own pursuit of happiness.

 Connect with me via and share your own happy moments.  🙂


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