A Cause for Celebration

After being resurrected from hiatus, this little personal journal I call “Off the Cube” just turned 1. With it also came a few milestones:

  • I’m nearing my 500th post (Confetti!)
  • This blog just surpassed it’s 10th follower— along with this aside from a few friends and online contacts or acquaintances —- my blog is now being followed by Julian Sherman and Jordan Latour, Julian is the founder of PROJECT A.W.O.L. and Jordan, an IT professional and Internet Marketer  (I’m not sure what led them to this blog, but then again WELCOME and Thank you for the follow!)

If you have not heard of PROJECT A.W.O.L. (Another Way Of LIFE), you may want to click the link over there and see for yourself. While we’re at it, let’s relish on the moment that these two individuals decided to create and design their own life through making money online — Their decision as well as their special skill sets helped them become massive success, in their own right!

What sets them apart from the rest of us trying to make it on our own and living the life we dreamed of?

Perhaps we’re not their yet and we’re just on our way. Either way, let them be an inspiration that anybody can be just like them.  It will not be easy but the thing about life is — it’s never easy! If we want to create lasting change with us—we should never be afraid to give something (maybe a long overdued passion) a try. This too is the same advice I always give myself and believe me it’s not as easy as it is.

TRY. We only have one LIFE and everyday we get a second chance to be better and stay focused on what we dream to become.

LIFE offers us chances to start something new.  All we need to do is take it!


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