Success Stories feat. Jonathan Yabut: The First Asian Apprentice


I’ve watched every single episode of the Apprentice Asia. I was thrilled that two Filipino contestants were also part of the show. I was rooting for them ever since! One by one contenders from the different parts of Asia have been eliminated. When it came down to the final six, I made my decision  and have chosen the following people as my top three:

1. Jonathan Yabut  (Philippines)

2. Celina Le Neindre (Philippines)

3. Alexis Bauduin (China)

Jonathan Yabut’s passion shone through the entire time. He has demonstrated consistency both in performance and leadership. Whenever he’s in the boardroom he shows his intensity — always in his fighting form and this captured not only Mr. Tony Fernandes’ heart but also every Filipino who have followed the show.

His emotional speeches rings true to his heart – with sincerity that no one can surpass.  I am not biased because he is my kababayan but mainly because what he said and did resonated with me.

Passion is important. It is what ignites action in us — the burning flame that takes us to greater heights. Just like the candle, loosing it’s flame, a life without passion is dark making it difficult to navigate. Passion directs us just like a compass.

Jonathan instilled that to his team members as well as his positive outlook. You can always achieve greater heights when you feel empowered and as a leader he has done that for his team. For that, people who believed in him also became his vehicle driving him to the finish line. In the final task, he has chosen Nash, Sam and Celina — those who rooted for him from the start.

Coming from humble beginnings, Jonathan knew that he has to give 200% every single time because that is what success is about. Keeping yourself focused to deliver results without in so much as letting the flame burn out.

In his final boardroom with Andrea, it was as clear as day that  he is in it to WIN. His striking words(not in verbatim) : “Passion brings Hope, Hope inspires Action, Action inspires Change” sealed his triumph.

It almost left me teary-eyed because it was heartfelt. The message came across like words like flaming arrows that drives itself to pierce our hearts. His plea is to give hope to his country – to serve as an inspiration. His ideals, very much like that of Mr. Fernandes gives us Filipinos a brighter mindset. We could rise above anything because we can be limitless just like Jonathan.

May he stand by his final words of bringing change in the future, a well-deserved win for a greatly-fought battle.

When he won. We, Filipinos won too. That alone should inspire and bring us together.


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