Truth Thursday: I’ll Give

Smile! It’s Free!

A SMILE!  This is the simplest way we could brighten someone’s day and often times, we take it for granted.  I tend to forget how smiling turns things around and that genuinely giving it also means that you are sharing a part of you to others.  A smile is contagious. Have you ever tried that? When you see somebody, even a stranger and smile at them try to notice. Do they smile back? Smiling even when you have a rough day can alter your mood. That’s scientifically proven!

Studies showed that there are a lot of benefits in smiling including living a longer life so why not spread the love and share your smile, it’s free!!!  Often times, we tend to forget the relevance of finding simple joys. It adds up eventually to our own pursuit of happiness.


A HUG!  Ok, that gif there just made me look like a teenage school-girl but that’s okay! I’d like to humor you in this week’s prompt. Honestly, sharing yourself to others is the best possible way of finding true happiness because often times people just needs to be heard, to be understood and to get hugged. It can be overlooked sometimes. I know I did.

Sure, material things gives us comfort, security and happiness but at the end of the day, love is all we need. It’s really cheesy and I honestly cringe as I am typing this but hey, it’s truth thursday!  I’m leaving you with a quote from one of the greatest Philosophers of our ancestors:

The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.


Written for: Truth Thursdays


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