Where were You? (9 Years After LOST)


ImageSeptember 22, 2004 Wednesday

In retrospect, I can honestly say that I was this awkward (still am) college student in junior year typically in school on a Wednesday. Facebook-mania was just starting to catch on. Smart phones weren’t that much superior from their users. And I was just as broke as any struggling college student was. Normalcy at its best.

I can vividly recall that one time in mid-2005 when LOST first aired its teaser in AXN. I was intrigued by the premise of plane-crash survivors being stuck in a mysterious island. It was an enigmatic opening scene — the close up of Jack’s eye where it all began and it all ended. Rarely have we seen a show that caught such buzz worldwide, how it is different from all other shows ever aired. Every cliffhanger urges us to ask questions WHERE THE F—- ARE THESE GUYS? FLASHSIDEWAYS, WHAT??? WHO ARE THE OTHERS? WHY IS SAWYER SO FREAKISHLY GOOD-LOOKING EVEN WHEN HE’S ALL BEATEN UP BADLY? (That last question is irrelevant and really born-out of pure fangirling. Apologies.)

WHY LOST among all other shows? I found it refreshing how it begs us all to ask existential questions and that viewers are called upon to think not that most shows back then were superficial with shallow plots. No, it’s how J.J. Abrams, master of the whole “mystery box” concept  and his brilliant writers orchestrates plots after subplots of sheer genius. Characters that are at war with their past all searching for some form of redemption. The whole series for me is like one giant bottle episode where all their daddy issues can be sorted out.

Of course, not discounting all the science-fiction involved which all poses another question “Are you a Man of Science or a Man of Faith?” Where do you lie in the spectrum of believers? 


To say that LOST changed my life was an understatement. As it turn out, I  never thought I would have enough enthusiasm to put up a fan club, join conventions, spent hours in their forums encouraging other people to watch the show and even pestering closest friends to please support my obsession.  It was all beyond the show. It was a matter of connecting with other people all over the world whom I met some personally and am thankful for because they are all great people. They’re good friends. 

Because, everything is META. Everybody is connected. We all share the same story. Most are wandering but not everyone is LOST. And how Jack and his monologues would sometimes help us get through our lives. Hey, didn’t you wish you could stand up one day and just start to come up with his speech on the beach —Live Together, Die Alone. Weren’t you once a Charlie, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid or Hurley?

Happy 9th Yr LOST!!


So where were you last September 22, 2004?


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