migraine: a deconstructive criticism

For some reason this song has been running through my head ever since I heard it.

Hoping that by writing about it, I would be spared of this LSS. So here goes nothing…

MIGRAINE by Moonstar88

Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo
Hanggang dito lang ako, nangangarap na mapa-sa’yo
Hindi sinasadya
Hahanapin pa ang lugar ko
Asan nga ba ako? andiyan pa ba sa iyo?

I dunno. Women hold grudges. It’s our nature. Bitterness is our middlename.Men on the otherhand, we’ll, it’s just two things. One is your being “assuming” or 2. you’re not just getting through. Ditch the torpe-mode. I’m sure not all women find the I-look-like-I peed-in-my-pants, shy-guy, boy-next-doo-type, cute. Enough of the IT’S COMPLICATED crap in your friendster profile. It’s so overrated.

Nahihilo, nalilito
Asan ba ‘ko sa ‘yo? asan ba ‘ko sa ‘yo?

Nasusuka ako, kinakain na ang loob
Masakit na’ng mga tuhod, kailangan bang lumuhod?
Gusto ko lang naman, yung totoo
Yung tipong ang sagot
Ay di rin isang tanong

Women. Be straight to the point. It’s just a simple yes or no. If you’re not sure just toss a coin or something. Sometimes, we even ask for divine intervention. Either way, if you’re bound to end up with an ass, you can’t help it. It’s called fate. Now if you’ve been hurt too many times and you’re hesistating..don’t… I don’t know if taking a risk means anything to you. And as my supervisor once said…If it’s for you..if it’s for you.. Alam mo na yan. Matanda ka na!

Men. Grow some balls for once in your life. Fight or flight. Tira! Tira!

Nahihilo, nalilito
Asan ba ‘ko sa ‘yo? asan ba ‘ko sa ‘yo?
Nahihilo, nalilito
Asan ba ‘ko sa ‘yo? aasa ba ‘ko sa ‘yo?

Dahil, ‘di na makatulog (makatulog)
Hindi na makakain (makakain)
Dahil ‘di na makatawa (makatawa
Dahil, di na

Oo nga pala, hindi nga pala tayo
Hanggang dito lang ako

Misery loves company. Find someone who’s as miserable as you. I’m sure everything will work out. If the feeling is no longer mutual, why bother? I don’t get it. Maybe because you’ve invested so much. Maybe you’ve already been surgically attached in the hip. Whatever the case maybe, ditch the emo shit. Stop hoping that something might spark. The only thing that might ignite is your bum, from sitting your ass out and waiting for eternity.

Confrontation is always the key. Demand for the answer. You have the right to know. Remember that silence can sometimes mean YES. And NO can be manifested in several ways.. such as this.

So pop a pill and snore it out. If the pain doesn’t go away. Seek for medical attention IMMEDIATELY. A broken heart is better than a mangled brain.

Yours Truly,

Love Sucker


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